Our Mission

ninja joy squad exists to use humor & creativity to spread love in the Abilene area.


Since 2010, we have spread love and joy throughout the Abilene community with creative expression at the forefront.

We are committed to using a portion of profits to purposefully uplift the mentally challenged, incarcerated, and homeless populations.

10% of profits goes to accomplish this. We hope this number grows as we grow.


ninja joy squad prides itself on individuals coming together within a community to make the world a more joyful place.

All photography provided by Trevor Allen & Amy J. Allen

I hired njs to Love Bomb my wife at work for her birthday. Everybody got a laugh and my wife was overjoyed to finally receive her first ninja joy squad Love Bomb!
— Tyler Edwards

What We do

  • Love Bomb people

We get hired to Love Bomb people in the public for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion. Part of the proceeds of Love Bombs is used to spread love to folks who struggle with schizophrenia, bipolar, and/or depression at Highland Assisted Living Center.


  • Alameda Community Center

ninja joy squad partners with the center to encourage at-risk youth to be silly, creative, and show God's love within the community.


  • Highland Assisted Living Center

Borne from an interest in connecting with people, njs has had the privilege of delivering Love Bombs to HALC residents while building relationships there. Residents have assisted in dropping Love Bombs within the Abilene community.


  • ninja joy squad music

ninja joy squad makes uplifting & thought-provoking music based in hip hop genre. Using these songs as inspiration, we have developed merchandise to accompany our tunes.

a portion of all Proceeds  goes to spread love in the abilene community.

we have a heart for:

Highland Assisted Living Center • alameda at-risk youth• homeless & incarcerated populations.