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The What & The Why

There are plenty of describing words, both good and bad, that we could use to explain our character. I am going to let my negative ones go into the river and flow away not to be used in this stream of thought.

For this explanation I will choose three words that make up PART of me: Silly, creative and compassionate. Some of you may have heard of the ninja joy squad and wondered.."What the...?" I feel as though njs is a vehicle for those three parts of my being, which The Lord gave me, to be expressed.

You may have seen us around town in costumes armed with poetry, joy, cake or balloons, headed to surprise someone for their birthday or another special day. May I invite you to consider the potential depth of this joy?

Love Bombs are poetic telegrams on steroids. We ask our accomplices to let us know things they deeply appreciate about the recipient's heart (golden qualities they possess) and inside jokes they share and quirky habits the recipient may have. 

We then take this beautiful information and compile it into a poem. With the customer's help we sneak up on the recipient and read what we hope is a life-giving yet ridiculous poem...leaving a lasting memory. We want the person to feel thought of and appreciated.

Wait for it...

With 10% of the Love Bomb proceeds, we spread love to friends at Highland Assisted Living Center--many who may struggle with schizophrenia, bi-polar and/or depression. This may include us love bombing them, or in more down to Earth fashion, taking these friends out to eat or watch a movie on a tough day.

Sometimes they also help Love Bomb fellow HALC residents. As I mentioned before, clients can also purchase Love Bomb Add Ons, such as balloons, flowers, cake, Zippy Bags, earthlights or even a video package! Our partner Baack's Florist has kindly offered to include a single wrapped flower with every Love Bomb we do!

ninja joy squad also creates flavorful hip-hop and merchandise to go with our songs, such as tee shirts, greeting cards, stickers, patches and hats. 10% of all profits go back to the community whether that be to the folks mentioned above, the homeless, inmates, at risk youth or others. We hope to see this percentage grow as we grow.

This is my attempt to be a minister and an artist using both spiritual and creative gifts and talents with family, friends and the community. In the past I was doing a lot of this stuff but barely taking care of myself spiritually, emotionally, mentally and financially. That is not good! Not to mention I am a husband now and have two pets! :)

We are a small outfit with plenty of room for growth and we invite you to join the journey. If you haven questions you can contact at or go to the Contact Us page here on our website.

I welcome your prayers as I deeply desire to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness first. Love y'all!

And massage clients...don't fret! I will still be doing massage therapy! I am thankful for you! :)