Love Bomb

A poetic telegram on steroids.

You give us information about the recipient: things you deeply appreciate about the person (golden qualities in their heart), inside jokes you and/or others share with the recipient, and quirky habits this person possesses.

This colorful information is then compiled into a poem that is performed after we've snuck up on the recipient. We hope this love bomb leaves a warm lasting and loving memory that is both silly and ridiculous!

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It all started when...

Trevor was 8 years old and he startled his sister.

While his sister Amy was getting ready to go out, he hid under her bed and at the opportune time, grabbed her ankle. She fearfully shrieked.

Unbeknownst to his sister, Trevor had hidden a voice recorder in her hamper and was recording it all. After his sister shrieked, Trevor ran out of the room, voice recorder in hand. For the remainder of the day, he went around replaying his sister's shriek and laughing. Until his father took away the voice recorder.

This memory stuck with Trevor. Fast forward to adulthood--Trevor sought ways to surprise family and friends. Since, it has evolved to include poetry, people within the community--sometimes seemingly less fortunate folks.

DEFINITION of a love bomb: 


With poetic performance love bombs, the ninja joy squad gathers intel about the recipient from the purchaser to deliver an unforgettable personalized celebratory message!

Order your Love Bomb today for your special occasion--Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations, Love/Romance--the possibilities are endless!

[Please order your Love Bomb a minimum 3 days prior to delivery. We require time to gather information, write a poem, and coordinate delivery. THANK YOU!]

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