Love Bomb Orders

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Definition: A customized act of love & thoughtfulness--sometimes silly, sometimes poetic--dropped on an unsuspecting recipient.

With poetic performance love bombs, the ninja joy squad gathers intel about the recipient from the purchaser to deliver a personalized celebratory message!

Order your Love Bomb today for your special occasion--Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations, Love/Romance--the possibilities are endless!

    The Basic Package Love Bomb ($50) comes with:

    • Costumed njs member (options below)

    • Performance of personalized poem


    Costume options:

    • Bubble Beard the Super Poet: Dressed in a turquoise spandex unitard, Trevor Allen (BBSP) surprises the recipient and unrolls an exaggerated scroll to read the customized poem.
    • Cowboy Boy: The best in the West with a vest on his chest, he strolls in to surprise the recipient with their customized poem read in Trevor Allen's mustered up Southern twang. Hold on tight--it's a hoot!
    • Singing Sumo: Robust and full of life, the Singing Sumo is big on the scene as he sings from the heart a customized song for your surprised recipient!
    • Absurd Pizza Delivery Guy: This East coast accent and attitude enters the scene carrying pizzas and a lack of etiquette (perhaps with pizza sauce on his face or one of your slices missing). While delivering the pizza(s), he reads a customized poem to your special person/party.
    • Singing Sasquatch: This hairy & dapper Sasquatch hails from the wilderness and comes to your workplace with a song specifically written for your loved one(s).

    Add on features: 

    [price depends on the item(s) selected as items are customizable]

    • flowers

    • balloons

    • a cake (from McKay's Bakery)

    • njs tee

    • customized Zippy Bag (from Charlotte's Web of Design)

    • one-of-a-kind earthlight (handcrafted by Amy Allen)

    • video of the Love Bomb delivery