Comedy Improv Workshops & Live Show

Comedy Improv Workshops & Live Show

15-year improv veteran from Austin, Texas, Ceej Allen returns home to the city where he graduated high school to present a workshop for anybody interested in trying out improv. If you have never performed before but are interested, cool. If you have performed before and want to learn a few new things, cool. Young or old, come prepared to learn, have fun, & relax on stage! 

Christmas Giveaway Winner

In December we had our first giveaway contest!

We asked our followers to post photos of themselves doing one of three things: Hugging a homeless person, high-fiving a stranger, or simply showing us their ninja joy squad tees/stickers/etcetera.

Elizabeth was the first to post a photo of herself with a homeless person. But it was more than just a hug. Instead of receiving all gifts for Christmas, she had asked her parents if she could put together bags of essentials for homeless people. She handed them out and one of the recipients is pictured here with her.

We are humbled to know this young lady embodies the essence of ninja joy squad. Thank you, Eiizabeth, for sharing your Christmas with the homeless in our community!

As the winner of this giveaway, Elizabeth gets to pick a ninja joy squad tee!!

Be on the lookout for future giveaways!! You could be our next winner!

njs strikes again at local school!

Janelle Edwards, teacher at Jim Ned High School in Tuscola, received a surprise visit by Bubble Beard the Super Poet. Celebrating a birthday, Janelle says she was so glad to finally be Love Bombed by njs. "I've been waiting and waiting, wondering when I would see the Super Poet!! What a great birthday!"


Janelle's husband Tyler ordered the customizable love bomb for his wife who is an economics & government teacher. Everyone at the school who witnessed the Love Bomb was laughing and smiling. This is the intent and purpose of njs--to spread JOY!

Love Bomb Orders

Place your order online TODAY!!!! 

Definition: A customized act of love & thoughtfulness--sometimes silly, sometimes poetic--dropped on an unsuspecting recipient.

With poetic performance love bombs, the ninja joy squad gathers intel about the recipient from the purchaser to deliver a personalized celebratory message!

Order your Love Bomb today for your special occasion--Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations, Love/Romance--the possibilities are endless!

    The Basic Package Love Bomb ($50) comes with:

    • Costumed njs member (options below)

    • Performance of personalized poem


    Costume options:

    • Bubble Beard the Super Poet: Dressed in a turquoise spandex unitard, Trevor Allen (BBSP) surprises the recipient and unrolls an exaggerated scroll to read the customized poem.
    • Cowboy Boy: The best in the West with a vest on his chest, he strolls in to surprise the recipient with their customized poem read in Trevor Allen's mustered up Southern twang. Hold on tight--it's a hoot!
    • Singing Sumo: Robust and full of life, the Singing Sumo is big on the scene as he sings from the heart a customized song for your surprised recipient!
    • Absurd Pizza Delivery Guy: This East coast accent and attitude enters the scene carrying pizzas and a lack of etiquette (perhaps with pizza sauce on his face or one of your slices missing). While delivering the pizza(s), he reads a customized poem to your special person/party.
    • Singing Sasquatch: This hairy & dapper Sasquatch hails from the wilderness and comes to your workplace with a song specifically written for your loved one(s).

    Add on features: 

    [price depends on the item(s) selected as items are customizable]

    • flowers

    • balloons

    • a cake (from McKay's Bakery)

    • njs tee

    • customized Zippy Bag (from Charlotte's Web of Design)

    • one-of-a-kind earthlight (handcrafted by Amy Allen)

    • video of the Love Bomb delivery