Love Bomb: NEED A QUOTE?


Love Bomb: NEED A QUOTE?


We will gladly work with you to build a Love Bomb package within your budget.

  • Not sure how you want to Love Bomb someone?
  • Need help creating a memory suited to your loved one's personality?
  • Don't see something you want?

Email us at and let us know what you have in mind.


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Whether you have a limited budget or the sky's the limit, we will create a personalized Love Bomb package for you! We will work with you to ensure your loved one receives the attention they deserve on their special day!

Let us do all the work for you! When we drop the Love Bomb, we can present your loved one with balloons, a cake, flowers......

  • Want a specialty cake from McKay's baker? No problem!
  • Need tons of balloons to mark the occasion? No problem!
  • You prefer to say it with flowers? No problem!

Email us at today!