Local Delivery & Shipping

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njs postal delivery.jpg

Local Delivery & Shipping

from 1.00

Local Delivery & Shipping Available!

If you're too busy to gift wrap, we will do that for you. 
If you live locally but cannot pick it up, let us delivery your order to you!
Or, if you're a fan but don't live in Abilene, let us ship to you--we will even gift wrap it for you!

Choose the method that meets your needs!



  • Local Delivery: $1

  • Local Delivery Gift Wrapped: $5

  • Ship Non-Local [up to 2 lbs] First Class: $5

  • Ship Non-Local [up to 2 lbs] First Class GIFT WRAPPED $10

  • Ship Non-Local [up to 2 lbs] Priority: $10

  • Ship Non-Local [up to 2 lbs] Priority GIFT WRAPPED: $15

Delivery Option:
Add To Cart

Once you have placed your order, email us at: ninjajoysquad@gmail.com

Be sure to let us know:

  • Mailing/shipping address for your order. 
  • If you need to split your order by having some delivered locally and some shipped.
  • If you want some items gift wrapped and others left unwrapped, just let us know which items need to be wrapped.

It is our pleasure to meet your needs!